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Here I am thinking that urban living is back as the lifestyle of choice for arts, entertainment and culture lovers.

To my disbelief, the Atlanta Journal -Constitution ran an article today about suburban theatres ticket sales growing at a better rate than similar style urban playhouses in Atlanta. I would have thought the exact opposite with the influx of yuppies, emptynesters and recently retired upscale urbanites.

Established intown theatres "attribute the empty seats to higher gas prices, slower traffic and competition from upscale restaurants and new technologies such as TiVo and cable on demand. Thespian flight - who'da thunk it?"

I believe that as urban areas begin to grow in previously suburban cities like Atlanta, that these cultural outlets like playhouses will regain their stronghold. For now, urban areas are caught at a crossroads. These cities are nowhere near as culturally urban as New York City, yet there is enough of an intown market to justify maintaining the intown theatres.

I hope to see them come back strong. Or maybe people are just holding out for the UrbanEola entertainment project coming to a city near you.

I'll close with the Top 10 museums in annual memberships in 2004:
1) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (124,166)
2) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (118,038)
3) Art Institute of Chicago (104,768)
4) Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (80,896)
5) Los Angeles County Museum of Art ( 67,047)
6) Philadelphia Museum of Art (48,355)
7) Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (46,555)
8) Detroit Institute of Arts (35,312)
9) Denver Art Museum (34, 587)
10) High Museum of Art, Atlanta (33,828)

Source: Association of Art Museum Directors

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