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Baby naming is now cool

Loyal reader, TC, recently created a web 2.0 baby naming site called BabyNamey. It's really a pretty neat site and definitely the best baby naming site on the web (the others are garbage and this one is cool looking & easy-to-use).

Despite the interactive design, the site was living in relative anonymity until last week when the Spaniards stumbled upon it and made it an internet sensation. Now, the site's receiving mad hits per day and TC is possibly looking at something special here.

Give it a look when you get a chance. Even if you don't have a bun in the oven, it's still neat looking up the origin of your own name.

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80's music videos where have you gone?

Couldn't have said it better than loyal reader RW:

I hope when I was just a wee lad growing up in the 80's that I did not disrespect Journey because, as is evident by this video, Journey is a band deserving of some hard-core respect. I don't know if they are yet deserving to be mentioned alongside the greats like REO Speedwagon or Boston, but they're pretty solid. The mullets, the 'staches, the aviator glasses, the denim jackets, my brain is in overload just comprehending so much sweetness at one location and at one time! It would definitely be tough to identify one feature of this video that is your favorite, but for my money it is either the guy randomly playing a keyboard on a wall of a warehouse or the guy on the drums with a shirt that reads "foosball."

80's videos please come back! We all miss you!

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Creative advertising

The average billboard doesn't cut it anymore. Check out these original ads and some older ones I posted. [via ET via AJ]

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The 11 kinds of pickup basketball players

Hilarious and so accurate!

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I've recently started Web Based Brands and have spent a bunch of time developing a couple of ideas under the WBB roof. Last month, I launched TouchdownTube.com, which has been fairly successful considering I've done very little promotion with it.

But mainly I've poured most of my time into Peachtree360.com, which is an Atlanta event and activities guide. The site is meant to be extremely simple. I made it one page only. There are no archives to browse through. The site is made up of links on the left and a a video on the right.

The way I explain it best that sums up the site: "If you only have 5-10 minutes to look for something fun to do in Atlanta, then Peachtree360.com is by far the best local site for you." Give it a look when you get a chance.

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Cursed Nike commercial?

This is one of the most creative Nike commercials ever made, but when you see who's in it you'll wonder if it's cursed. With Marion Jones' recent announcement that she was on steroids during the 2000 Olympics and Michael Vick's dog fighting conviction this past summer, 2 out of the 7 athletes in the commercial will most likely spend this New Year's in jail. And since the ad released, Agassi has dropped Nike in favor of rival adidas.

What's next? We'll find out that Randy Johnson was on human growth hormone?

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Shift happens due to globalization

These awesome facts on globalization were originally compiled by a high school teacher in Lilttleton, CO for a presentation that he was making to other teachers on teaching students for the 21st century. [via RW]

Want a sign that globalization is something we're not prepared for? The word "globalization" has a red squiggly line underneath it as I type this into Blogger, indicating it's misspelled. It's the only word on this page with one of those lines underneath it.

Read the back stories on the two videos (links above videos) before watching them.

Did you know? 2.0; Shift Happens

Did you know? 2.0; Shift Happens

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Original Yahoo business card

If this is authentic, this old-school and original-looking business card of Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang is a unique piece of modern history. The logo must be an original as I have never seen it used on the Yahoo site. I love how back in the day "http://" was used in the web address. Now a lot of companies don't even use "www".

Also, check out this pretty cool Flickr page with all kinds of creative and interesting business cards.

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