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MTV music awards ad

Update (6.2.07): YouTube acts quick - the old video was taken down shortly after I posted it. I found a new one and posted it below.

This short ad promoting the 2007 MTV Movie Awards (June 3 in Los Angeles) and starring Sara Silverman and SNL's Will Forte is pretty funny. However, they cut out the funniest part from the original version I saw on MTV. At the very end, in place of the last "balls", Forte originally blurted out "taint". If you know what a taint is, it makes the video 10x funnier because it's such an undercover, funny body part.

"the region of the human body between the testicles or vagina and the anus"

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Creative business idea - Zingo Transportation

Check out this creative company called Zingo. I don't know how long-term viable it is, but the idea is definitely original. [via JB-atl]

Here's how it works:
- When you've had too much to drink, you call Zingo
- A guy on a folding moped comes to pick you up
- He then folds the scooter, puts it in a bag and puts it in your trunk
- He drives you home
- When you are safe and sound at home, he hops on his scooter and he's off


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200 orgasms a year

I'll admit, I watch Oprah. Her show legitimately covers some solid topics that even the most manly of men can learn from, including this fact below from her frequent health guest, Dr. Oz. While you're at it, take Dr. Oz's health quiz.

200 orgasms a year = 6 year age reduction
"If you have more than 200 orgasms a year, you can reduce your physiologic age by six years," Dr. Oz says. He bases the number on a study done at Duke University that surveyed people on the amount and quality of sex they had. "They looked at what happened to folks that are having a lot of intercourse over time, and the fact is, it correlated."

Zen-like experience
Among the benefits of having sex often, Dr. Oz says, is that it can prove that your body is functioning as it is supposed to. "But in addition, having sex with someone that you care for deeply is one of the ways we achieve that Zen experience that we all crave as human beings," he says. "It's really a spiritual event for folks when they're with someone they love and they can consummate it with sexual activity … seems to offer some survival benefit."

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Alive and kickin'...

Just a short note to let you know UE will be back and running strong shortly. In the meantime, Urban Eola headquarters has moved north from the Sunshine State (Orlando) to the Peach State (Atlanta). However, expect the same great content and don't worry, the Urban Eola name is staying despite the move. My "borrowed" internet connection is so weak it's crazy. Keep posted.


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Tech news

Great tech stories today from Kim Komando.

Want a computer virus?
A computer specialist created an ad offering to infect computers with a virus. Over a six-month period, more than 400 people clicked on the ad. Users were not actually infected. It was an experiment to show that advertising could be used maliciously.

Man arrested for stealing Wi-Fi
Sam Peterson was arrested for using Wi-Fi -- which a cafe provides for free. The problem? Peterson accessed the network from his car outside. He did this repeatedly. Peterson will pay a $400 fine and complete 40 hours of community service. He is not the first to be charged with stealing Wi-Fi.

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Gas saving tips

Now that gas is over $3.00 per gallon nationwide, how high will it go? Will Americans spend $150 to fill up their SUVs? Here are some tricks to get more of your money's worth for every gallon.

Fill up in the morning
Only buy or fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense the gasoline. Warm gasoline expands. Buying gasoline in the afternoon or evening, your 1 gallon is not exactly 1 gallon.

When you see gas trucks, don't fill up
If there is a gasoline truck bringing loads at the time when you have to buy gas do not fill up, because the gasoline is being stirred up when the gas is being delivered, which would result in getting some of the dirt that settles at the bottom.

Fill up when your tank's half full
Despite what you might think, fill up when your gas tank is half full (or half empty). The reason for this is, the more gas you have in your tank the less air occupying it's empty space. Gasoline evaporates faster than you can think.

Here's to riding public transportation. [via ST]

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I love... shirts

You know those famous "I love NY" shirts that you can get in New York City for like 10 for $10. Well there's an interesting story behind them. Also, recently I've noticed a couple of creative knock-offs popping up representing various cities and things with the heart being replaced by famous symbols including Brand Jordan, Austin, TX, and New Orleans (left to right above).

Check out this Love T-shirts, which has tons of knock-offs, some of them hilarious ones.

History (from Wikipedia):
In 1977, the New York State Department of Economic Development hired an advertising agency to develop a marketing campaign for New York City. Milton Glaser, a graphic designer, created the design, possibly inspired in part by the state tourism slogan Virginia is for Lovers which had featured a "Love" theme since 1969 (though without the Pop Art).

Glaser expected the campaign to last only a couple months and did the work pro bono. However, the design became a major success and has continued to be sold for years. The "I Love NY" design made its debut in 1977 with ads featuring Frank Sinatra, Morgan Fairchild and Yul Brenner.

The campaign is considered, by many, the most successful in history.

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Phunny photos

These are hilarious. [via my computer savvy mom via my aunt]

Good reason to wear pajamas to bed

Tattoo of the year

Boy genius
Latest grill accessories
How was your cereal?
How to handle a problem neighbor

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The Republic of Sport

Sports fans -- I just found this cool website called FanNation. It's best feature is a thing called Truth & Rumors, which is basically a daily compilation of the latest buzz coming out of the sports world. It has a section for all of the major sports including college sports. I've bookmarked it as my one daily, quick sports read to get caught up with all the latest rumors. Check it out.

Also, this is an interesting comment from Stu Jackson, the NBA's VP in charge of enforcing league rules, in regards to the controversial suspension of two Phoenix Suns best playerssmack in the middle of a tight playoff series (The NBA Blew It - SI).

"It's not a matter of fairness, it's a matter of correctness."

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Do I look like a Sklar brother?

This has nothing to do with anything.

Has someone ever told you that you look like someone famous? No one's told me that for my first 27 years, but recently loyal reader JB tells me I look like a Sklar brother (the identical twin comedians of ESPN fame). Another buddy sent the photo below swearing I was the triplet separated at birth. Whadaya think?

This is all coming despite the fact that My Heritage face recognition says I look like Andy Roddick (I don't).


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Old businesses need to adjust to new technologies

The advent of new technology has put many traditional industries out of business (camera film industry and see yesterday's post on pay phones). The rise of the internet has especially put many businesses out of order (travel agencies, local newspaper classified sections, etc).

Currently, there are two industries that are fighting to keep the rise of new technologies from affecting their business as they know it: the music recording industry and the real estate industry.

The music industry
Practically every person I know who has ever used a computer has downloaded a song from someone else. I bet executives in the recording industry have even done so. However, the practice of downloading (copyrighted) music is considered illegal and random people are getting letters in the mail demanding that they pay big money for those songs.

How can something that 90% of all computer users do, be illegal? The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been overpricing their music (CDs cost less than a penny to make) for years and now finally our capitalistic nature has found a way around paying such high prices. Score for technology and boo to the RIAA.

Real estate industry
There was a piece on 60 Minutes this past Sunday talking about how the real estate industry has done very little to go online in terms of knocking out the 6% fee that agents get for showing off a house. An innovative company/website called Redfin is trying to break into the business by eliminating (and thus saving you lots of that 6%) the agent fees by showcasing your home online. Think about how much 6% is on a $250,000 house = $15,000. The Last Stand of the 6-Percenters - New York Times.
Maybe for years we've been over-paying in these industries. Other industries have adapted (newspapers going online, etc), now it's your turn.

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When was the last time you used a pay phone?

As I walked in the trendy Thornton Park neighborhood (Washington Post article) last week, I noticed a pay phone and wondered who uses those things anymore? Cell phones have obviously made them obsolete. I can't remember the last time I personally used a pay phone. I remember in junior high school I used to call my mom collect and when they asked for my name, I'd quickly say "practice over, come pick me up".

I don't even think people think of using them nowadays. For example if someone's cell phone died, I could see them waiting for it to charge up again before using a pay phone. However, if not just for their pure old-school symbolism, I think they should be kept active and functioning wherever possible. In fact, I'm going to use one next time I get a chance.

Declining numbers spell likely end to payphones - USA Today.

History of the cost of pay phone calls
In the United States, the coin rate for a local direct-dialed station-to-station call from a pay phone has been 50¢ in most areas since mid-2001, for an unlimited number of minutes. During the 1960s and 1970s, the same call in the United States typically cost 10¢. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, this price gradually changed to 20¢, and again rose to 25¢ in some areas between 1985 and 1990. In the late 1990s, the price rose to 35¢ in many areas.

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Update: watch ad stats

The Xezo Incognito is a limited edition timepiece; only 500 have been produced

After my recent post on high-end watches (The Kobold watch story), I've been noticing that watch ads are everywhere. And for the most the most part they are boring, lame and non-creative. In the May 2007 Men's Health issue alone, there are:

8 watch advertisements
5 out of the 8 (*) put themselves out there as Swiss watches (whatever that means)

- ESQ*
- Raymond Weil* (featuring Ahmad Rashad & Steve Nash)
- Oris*
- Breitling*
- Citizen eco-drive (featuring race car driver Michael Waltrip)
- Timex (not really a high-end watch, but promoting sleek, new T Series)
- Garmin (also not a "designer watch", but the GPS-enabled sport watch probably has better features than the really expensive ones on this list)
- Xezo* (never heard of it, but possibly the best looking watch on this list)

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Why didn't I think of that? Etch-it cups

You go to an old school red cup kegger and your cup gets lost with other 20 red cups on the side of the pool table.

Introduing Etch-it cups. The innovative Etch-It Cup features a label on the outside of a disposable cup that can be “etched” with a name, identifying mark or other designs (it could get hilarious) so partygoers can easily identify their red cup.

This is truly the ultimate "why didn't I think of that" idea. Apparently, the guy who started Etch-it cup was a little more sober than everyone else at the party.

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The Kobold Watch story

Traditionally, I'm not a watch connoisseur. Among my collection of timepieces are a Nike stop watch ($50) and a New York City Chinatown Puma knock-off ($9 + $8 battery replacement). It's not because I don't appreciate high-end watch design and fashion (because I totally d0), it's just that I normally can't justify spending crazy amounts for something that does the same my thing my cell phone does.

The highly enjoyable, increasingly profitable life of Michael Kobold
With that said, as of today I'm interested in the designer watch industry. I just finished reading a truly interesting article in Inc. Magazine about Michael Kobold, a German-born 27-year-old who started luxury watchmaker Kobold Watch Company his freshman year in college. Kobold has had a passion for watches since a young age and essentially became the first to sell luxury watches over the internet in 1999.

Kobold, the little watch manufacturer out of Pittsburgh who employs a staff of three, has become a big-time player in the interesting world known as the luxury watch business. The Kobold watches are truly fresh-looking and nowadays famous Kobold wearers include Bill Clinton and James Gandolfini among others.

The kicker: Kobold promises to produce no more 2,500 watches in a single year and the watches range from $2,400 to $30,000.

Read the intriguing Inc. article; it's worth the 7-page read. The Greatly Improbable, Highly Enjoyable, Increasingly Profitable Life of Michael Kobold

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Life's short, get a divorce

All lawyers are required to take a professional responsibility test before they are admitted into the bar. One of the rules on the test deals with lawyer advertising. There's no secret why most legal ads say "Injured?" and have a picture of some cheese ball lawyer in front of a stack of books.

Setting a new standard
A Chicago law firm specializing in divorce has completely topped them all. Fetman, Garland & Associates, an all female law firm posted a billboard of a dude with a 6-pack and a well-endowed chick, with the message "Life's short, get a divorce". The male posing in the billboard is Fetman's (divorced herself) personal trainer. But, the best part about the billboard is that it's located in a young, hip area of Chicago otherwise known as the "Viagra Triangle". Chicago billboard turns heads - Chicago Times.

The advertisement has been ripped by legal pundits everywhere. But, I agree with the law firm, which defends the billboard by saying that anyone that gets a divorce because of a billboard should be getting one anyway. Plus, the ad's creative and blows the any other legal advertising out of the water.


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Google Earth

If you're like me and dig new technologies, urban areas and maps, you've got to download Google Earth 4. Read this review via the Orlando Sentinel downtown blog.

"Like many other satellite viewing programs, Google earth gives you stunning satellite pictures of virtually anywhere on earth. It's easy to type in an address and watch Google Earth instantly transport you there. But here's a great feature - using the sliding bar at the top, you can change the angle of the terrain so that you can view the surface at an angle.

3-D virtual tours
"Well, what good does that do? Aren't the satellite photos flat? Very true... but you can download 3-D images of buildings downtown - giving you a virtual 3-D tour of the city. After downloading Google Earth 4, go to the Google 3-D warehouse. Here you'll find many of the buildings modeled for downtown areas. Select one, and click on "View in Google Earth 4". You'll then be transported to that building's location."

Driving directions like nothing you've seen
I've always thought Google Maps is th best site to get driving directions. Well, Google Earth blows it away. When you type in a beginning and ending location, Google Earth actually flies you over a 3-D map of exactly what turns you're supposed to make. It's pretty badass. You should never get lost again. This software is totally addictive... be prepared to spend hours on this checking out different cities.

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Pepsi Italian style

Molto bueno. [via CJ]

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600th post! Search for an abandoned patent

This is a pretty cool concept [via Kim Komando]:

Thousands of patents abandoned each year
The U.S. Patent office receives hundreds of thousands of patent applications each year. They can either get approved or denied. But once they get approved, many expire and are never used.

Expired and abandoned patents are up for grabs
At patentmonkey.com, you can search for these unused patents in the U.S. Patent database. Tons of businesses and people are taking advantage of these patents to launch new businesses.

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One of the funniest photos ever

An oldie, but nonetheless hy-frickin-sterical! For one season (1987), the Washington Bullets featured both the tallest and shortest players in NBA history - 7'7" Manute Bol and 5'3" Muggsey Bogues. No more comments needed. haha. [idea via Hoffney Spears]

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Waiting on the world to change light green

John Mayer is not only a very talented musician, he's also a socially conscious one. You can tell from quotes and in interviews that he's not one of those shallow, materialistic, all-about-themselves celebs.

Waiting on the world to change
His 2006 song "Waiting on the world to change" (no doubt one of the top 5 songs of all time) obviously has meaning as the name implies. Well, John has a blog in which he explains the meaning behind the song and his cerebral view of the environmental movement. Before you say to yourself "I've heard enough about this topic", check out his blog.

The Light Green approach
His thoughts are legitimately some of the best, and more importantly most realistic, takes on being good to the earth. He talks about getting people to go "light green" - where people go about their normal (over-consuming lives) while only changing one aspect of their consumption (like switching to cheaper and longer lasting CFL bulbs).

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One golf course, two greats - MJ & Tiger

For the first time in his career, Tiger Woods was paired with a more famous playing partner... Michael Jordan. The Nike pitchmen were paired together in the Wachovia Championship Pro-Am in Charlotte. If it was offered, I wouldn't be surprised if some loaded guy would've paid $1 million to be the third partner.

On One Golf Course, Two Greats Share the Stage NY Times
SI photo
photo to the right, credit: AP

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Highly creative Puma print ads

[via Uniquely the Epitome and JB]

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Digital billboards emerging

You knew this was coming. They look like gigantic LCD TV's. The ability to change the message depending on what type of consumer might pass it is fascinating.

"Nationwide networks of digital billboards and smaller video screens allow advertisers to change their sales pitches instantly, with the click of a computer mouse, from hundreds of miles away. Giant LED billboards rotate ads every few seconds, enabling billboard owners to sell the same space multiple times. And companies are experimenting with WiFi transmitters and Bluetooth technology that would send messages directly to your phone as you pass by their signs." Digital billboards put up big numbers, rouse critics

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I got beat to the punch on video resumes

My idea
Back in November of '06, I had a business idea that kept me up at night.

It was going to change the way people search for their career passions. It was going to make the job resume sexy and allow people to create their own career path. It was all planned out in my head. I even went as far as to quickly make a You Tube video (below) extolling its virtues & benefits.

Thoink Big: making the resume sexy
I had a couple of ideas for names, but settled on Thoink Big, in part because I already owned the domain. Young people would go to thoinkbig.com and upload a video that creatively and more effectively represented who they are to potential employers. It was going to replace the old-fashioned paper resume (big adjectives, cream-colored paper and all). And employers would log on the site to scout out what type of talent and creativity various job seekers really had.

The site came to be - unfortunately not mine
Brilliant idea, huh!? Due to lack of cash, time and high-end web programming skills, I did not go through with the concept.

But, in the mold of a great capitalist society, somebody else did.

Read the article: Job seekers begin to turn to video resumes for edge
Check out a video resume site: Work Blast

The concept of video resumes was inevitable. The old format prevented job seekers from allowing their "true colors" to come out - good or bad. Some people (me included) feel that once they get to the actual interview stage, the job is theirs.

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Windows wallpapers

With the release Microsoft Vista a couple of months ago came new desktop images (wallpapers). Here's an interesting bit about the wallpapers [via Supertsai].

"Ever wonder how they choose what photos will be included as wallpapers? It turns out that all of the wallpapers for Vista were taken by one man. He shoots purely digital too.

His name is Hamad Darwish - and it turns out that he is somewhat of an Internet success story. Microsoft noticed his images on Flickr and approached him directly. Now his photos will be seen by literally billions of people over the next few years... amazing!"

Read the article for more details:
Interview with Hamad Darwish

Also you can go directly to his Flickr page:
One of the Vista Wallpaper images
Hamad Darwish's Flickr page

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Under Armour's having an F'in great time

Under Armour is a great company... especially when their employees drink a bunch of premium beverages at "Armour Day" and then get interviewed live on TV at a Baltimore Orioles game last week.

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