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UE coming out of retirement!?

Not so fast.

About two months ago, I made the decision to stop posting on UE. Since then there has been talk, speculation and rumor around the internet community (well mostly just my head) that Urban Eola is missed. Actually, it's more like I have stumbled upon about 30 interesting potential post ideas (in the last two weeks alone) that I would have definitely posted had the site been running.

I'd say it's 50/50 right now. I'll keep you posted.
Rarely used UE logo (circa 2006)

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Whatever happened to Urban Eola?

Original UE logo (Dec. 05)

After religiously blogging almost every day for two years (12.15.05 to 12.2.07), it looks like the Urban Eola mojo is gone. It's not due to a lack of love for all things urban, fresh or creative. It's mostly due to my web/entrepreneurial clarity and focus.

I learned a ton from doing this site - HTML, Photoshop, blogging. But in the end, I realized that it's hard to attract consistently large sets of eyeballs to a site as scattered as Urban Eola (retro kicks, the environment, funny ads, good-looking athletes). And with that, I'm moving on... to Web Based Brands. And I'm taking my UE influences/background with me. Urbaneola.com will remain up - browse through the 718 posts if you want. Also, I just checked the total stats -- we had 49,021 totals hits. Not bad for a kid who didn't know blogging from logging.

Thank you loyal readers RW, JB, MK, FT, TC, AT, AC, ES, SK, GT, CJ, and AM. Maybe someday we'll make a comeback.


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The brotherhood of sports

Good stuff. [via SD]

"This is one of my favorite sports videos of all time. When I first saw it on SportsCenter it literally made my day. This type of brotherhood is what, to me, sports is all about. You’ll know what I mean."

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Whatcha think about the BCS?

I've never really watched Adult Swim, but this is pretty funny.

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The 411 on Google

This is pretty cool.

Google will look up business phone numbers -- like 411 (but for free). Simply call in and speak your request. The number is 1-800-GOOG-411.

Of course, Google doesn’t stop at the basics. It will connect you to the number you request. Or, you can request more information be sent via text message. It will even send you a map showing the business' location.


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How to successfully pitch your idea

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Great quote

I read this on Cranium founder's Richard Tait's bio page.

Professional credo:
Orville Wright did not have a pilot's license.

By the way, Tait's a pretty interesting guy. After working at Microsoft for 10 years and being named employee of the year, Tait left to pursue his passion. What was his passion? He didn't know. But it wasn't Microsft, so he left the comfort of working for one of the biggest companies in the world.


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Orthopaedics 101

Loyal reader, Dr. BR, sends in this pretty comical athletic stunt gone bad. You have to watch it a couple times to appreciate it.

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Live entertainment artist David Garibaldi

This guy David Garibaldi has turned boring canvas art into a live entertainment spectacle. So much so that he performed at halftime of a NBA game last night. That space is usually reserved for dunking mascots, big time bands or the the guy who spins basketballs all over his body.

The only other guy to make art so entertaining was the legendary Bob Ross.

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Dinnersfromhell.com - funny and powerful

This New York Times article on a small website called dinnersfromhell.com shows the not only the power of the internet but also how funny can be. This video especially is pretty funny.

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Baby naming is now cool

Loyal reader, TC, recently created a web 2.0 baby naming site called BabyNamey. It's really a pretty neat site and definitely the best baby naming site on the web (the others are garbage and this one is cool looking & easy-to-use).

Despite the interactive design, the site was living in relative anonymity until last week when the Spaniards stumbled upon it and made it an internet sensation. Now, the site's receiving mad hits per day and TC is possibly looking at something special here.

Give it a look when you get a chance. Even if you don't have a bun in the oven, it's still neat looking up the origin of your own name.

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80's music videos where have you gone?

Couldn't have said it better than loyal reader RW:

I hope when I was just a wee lad growing up in the 80's that I did not disrespect Journey because, as is evident by this video, Journey is a band deserving of some hard-core respect. I don't know if they are yet deserving to be mentioned alongside the greats like REO Speedwagon or Boston, but they're pretty solid. The mullets, the 'staches, the aviator glasses, the denim jackets, my brain is in overload just comprehending so much sweetness at one location and at one time! It would definitely be tough to identify one feature of this video that is your favorite, but for my money it is either the guy randomly playing a keyboard on a wall of a warehouse or the guy on the drums with a shirt that reads "foosball."

80's videos please come back! We all miss you!

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Creative advertising

The average billboard doesn't cut it anymore. Check out these original ads and some older ones I posted. [via ET via AJ]

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The 11 kinds of pickup basketball players

Hilarious and so accurate!

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