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Rat Pack, Brat Pack, and Frat Pack

It all started when a drinking group of prominent entertainers started hanging out and performing together in Las Vegas. This group of legends took on the name Rat Pack in the late 1950's/early 1960's. Two more recent groups of actors have come to be known as the Brat Pack (mid 1980's) and Frat Pack (early 2000's). Of course, the Rat Pack is the most legendary and talented. These guys were true entertainers & performers -- singing, dancing, acting and even performing comedy routines and improv.

> Rat Pack > Bio > Rat Pack page
> signature: The Sands Hotel, Ocean's 11
- Frank Sinatra
- Dean Martin
- Joey Bishop
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
- Peter Lawford

> Brat Pack > Bio > Brat Pack site
> signature movie: The Outsiders
- Emilio Estevez
- Anthony Michael Hall
- Rob Lowe
- Judd Nelson
- Andrew McCarthy
- Matt Dillon
- Ralph Macchio
- Patrick Swayze

> Frat Pack > Bio > > Frat Pack Tribute
> signature movie: Old School
- Ben Stiller
- Vince Vaughn
- Will Ferrell
- Owen Wilson
- Luke Wilson
- Jack Black
- Steve Carell
- Jeremy Piven

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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (3-1)

Here's the breakdown (by sport):
tennis - 7 athletes
soccer - 5
football (American) - 5
basketball - 2
golf - 2
gymnastics - 2
swimming - 2
other sports (cycling, softball, skating) - 3

I guess this means tennis players are the best looking. I guess it has something to do with picking out your own style of clothes during a match and spending countless hours outside working on a nice farmers tan-less bronze.

view 28-24
28) Sebastian Telfair
27) Courtney & Ashley Kupets
26) Dwyane Wade
25) Sasha Cohen
24) Andre Agassi
view 23-19
23) Dominique Moceanu
22) Matt Leinart
21) Michelle Wie
20) Natalie Gulbis
19) David Beckham
view 18-13
18) Chris Evert
17) Ronde & Tiki Barber
15) Jenny Finch
14) Andy Roddick
13) Serena Williams
view 12-8
12) Lance Armstorong
11) Summer Sanders
10) Fabio Cannavaro
9) Amanda Beard
8) Tom Brady
view 7-4
7) Lorrie Fair
6) Freddie Ljungberg
5) Maria Sharapova
4) Reggie Bush

And the final three:
3) Anna Kournikova (tennis *retired, Russia) -- Many people would have her at #1. She didn't amount to much on the court, but off the court she's a head turner. Retired from tennis at a young age and pretty much just living off her looks now. Dating Enrique Iglesias (below). > Bio
2) James Blake (tennis, USA) -- Played tennis at Harvard, currently ranked 5th best tennis player in the world, friends with celebs like John Mayer and dating this (Jennifer Scholle). What a life. > Bio
1) Heather Mitts (soccer, US National team) -- You've seen her in the Under Armour commercials. She's dating backup NFL QB A.J. Feeley (below). Overall, she's well deserving of the title as Urban Eola's best looking athlete. > HeatherMitts.com

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Golf threads stylish enough to wear in public

Thanks to loyal reader JB for this tip. Former Diesel designer, Johan Lindeberg started his own line of clothing (J.Lindeberg) in 1995. The collection has become very popular among PGA golfers probably because they are definitely not the average golf threads. For the most part the brand is retro in look almost conjuring up the Caddyshack days. The "JL" logo on the belt is awesome. I'm looking into getting one of those. Check out these looks as sported on PGA golfer Camillo Villegas.

> J.Lindeberg official site

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New Urban Eola template

Same content. New design. The previous template was a little bland and needed a jolt.

Also, Urban Eola introduces the addition of the sponsorship ticker at the top of the page. Our goal for the ticker is four-fold: 1) produce even more high quality and entertaining content for young people seeking sophisticated yet interesting content 2) which will further establish Urban Eola as an enjoyable and frequently visited destination on the web 3) therefore drawing larger amounts of unique visitors 4) with the plan of attracting a title sponsor to the sponsorship ticker.

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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (7-4)

7) Lorrie Fair -- (soccer, USA) One of Urban Eola's all-time cutie athletes, she once was the best women's college soccer player in the U.S.. Played collegiately at UNC and has the honor of winning a NCAA title and the 1999 Women's World Cup. Has a twin sister who played professional soccer and is good friends (and once a roommate) with fellow top 28 Heather Mitts. > Bio6) Freddie Ljungberg (soccer, Sweden & Arsenal) The Swedish World Cup captain is also a Calvin Klein underwear model. Female Urban Eola readers tell me that's enough to earn him the #6 spot. > Bio5) Maria Sharapova (tennis, Russia) A tennis prodigy from a young age. Her family sacrificed their own lives to move to Florida when Maria was 6 to train in the States. Currently linked with Andy Roddick (UE # 14). > Bio4) Reggie Bush (football, New Orleans Saints) "The President" is a total stallion. He's the Heisman Trophy winner, the #2 NFL draft pick in '06, chiseled like a statue, signed by adidas, and lived the college life in L.A. (at USC) that many envy. He's also solid with the threads. He dresses both classy, sporty, and urban depending on the occasion. > Bio

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Blogging for dollars

Great article on just how big of a business blogging has become. Blogging for Dollars - Yahoo Biz

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Lexus U.S. Open commercials

Blogger Photo Upload is not currently working, so no photos for now.

Been watching the U.S. Open and I just saw an awesome commercial for Lexus that artistically follows the life of a tennis ball. On the site, there's five different ones. Very well done. Lexus U.S. Open commercials (click the thumbnails on the right side)

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The best streaker in the world

"The clothes come off in a split second and I'm off. It's called professionalism." -- Mark Roberts, streaker

Mark Roberts is the Michael Jordan of streaking. Or is Michael Jordan the Mark Roberts of basketball?

Roberts has streaked a total of 380 times in the last 10 years, targeting such events as the morning news, a Mr. Universe contest, a Miss World contest, tennis matches, and his specialty, soccer matches. Nowadays, he is forced to give out his passport and other important documents before big soccer games, as a way to ensure he won't be streaking at these events.

This guy is hysterical because he usually writes hilarious and witty sayings on his stomach, back and ass (ex. at Wimbledon he had an arrow pointing down to his boys that said "New balls?"). He also does funny stuff once he's out there -- like the Moonwalk at the Super Bowl (he had "Super Bowel" written on his chest) or steal the soccer ball and take a shot on goal. He once gave the referee a red card and then streaked. He usually ends up getting tackled by security and he laughs as they carry him off the field. But by far the funniest part of his streaks is that he's the furthest thing from fit which adds to the comical value.

In his own words: "When you see me with my clothes off, you're gonna laugh."

- Mark Roberts website
- His best streaks - UEFA final, Super Bowl
- Wikipedia bio - Mark Roberts

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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (12-8)

12) Lance Armstrong -- (cycling *retired, USA) One of the most inspirational athletes of all-time. The cancer survivor and 7-time Tour de France winner was once engaged to Sheryl Crow. He's been hanging out alot recently with Matthew McConaughey. They're not going to pick up any women.11) Summer Sanders -- (swimming *retired, USA) The former Stanford University and 1992 Olympic gold medalist swimmer has been hosting NBA Inside Stuff for 9 years. I've been watching it for all those years.
10) Fabio Cannavaro -- (soccer, Real Madrid & Italy) The captain of Italy's 2006 World Cup championship team is a stud both on and off the field. About 10 other Italian players could have made this list, but as captain, Cannavaro will have to represent the rest of the Azzurri.9) Amanda Beard -- (swimming, USA) She's a three-time Olympian and a gold medalist. Dated NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. Likes to pose in her swimsuit. 8) Tom Brady -- (quarterback, New England Patriots) Donald Trump said he wanted his daughter, Ivanka, to date him. He's reportedly engaged to actress Bridget Moynahan. The classic All-American football player. Who's living the better life: Brady or Leinart?

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New Urban Eola logo

I've designed many different looks for Urban Eola, but none of them could be considered a "true" logo. Now there's a logo. Like it? Dislike it? Let's hear your thoughts.

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These commercials are the best of 2006

People ask me all the time what I actually do all those hours I spend on my laptop. Finally my response comes in the form of the best commercials I have seen in a long time. I thought Apple had some great commercials (Get a Mac. - May 2, 2006), but these HP commercials are so much more powerful. They represent all the types of things creative and curious people do on the computer. With all this stuff at your fingertips, I can't believe I don't spend more time on the laptop. > Official HP ads site.

Watch the whole series because they're awesome. In order: Shaun White, Mark Cuban, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams.

Shaun White

Mark Cuban


Pharrell Williams

And last, a pretty cool look into the making of Shaun White's HP commercial.

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Trick shots of all kind

I'm not a golfer, but these trick shots at the World Golf Trickshot Championship are pretty creative and amazing.

It reminds me of the best golf trick shot ever (filmed in one take by Tiger Woods!).

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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (18-13)

18) Chris Evert -- (tennis *retired, USA) This is an old school pick mainly because she was a major hottie back in the day on the tennis court. She now has 3 kids and is pushing 52 years old, but her glory days carry her to the #18 spot. She once had relationships with Jimmy Connors, Jack Ford (Gerald's son) and Burt Reynolds. She is pictured below in her prime and today with Maria Sharapova. > Bio17) Ronde & Tiki Barber (football, Tampa Bay Bucaneers & New York Giants respectively) These identical twin brothers are great guys, very good football players, smart men (they both graduated from Univ. of Virginia) and first class dressers. They obviously have the same tastes in women as they both, coincidentally, are married to Asian women. They're also co-authors of a children's book. > Bios Tiki Ronde15) Jenny Finch (softball, USA) At first look, you're probably wondering how she dropped down to #15. Although many lists would have her rated higher, I think she's a little overrated (although she is stunning from afar). Plus, she's 6'1" and I'm not into girls that could post me up. She's married to Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Casey Daigle. > Bio14) Andy Roddick (tennis, USA) I really like this guy. He's a good guy and dresses in an Urban Eola style. He dated Mandy Moore for a couple years and supposedly dated Maria Sharapova (pictured together below). > Bio 13) Serena Williams (tennis, USA) The fact that she dated a short Jewish guy (director Brett Ratner of X-Men and Rush Hour fame) makes me think I could have had a shot. She is into the Hollywood thing more than tennis nowadays, but for some reason she does it for Urban Eola and comes in at #13. > Bio

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