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Take a page out of Europe's fashion catalog

I just watched an episode of Fox Soccer Channel and they did an excerpt on clothing trends in London. All the lads, guys and gals, were saying that military garb (jackets, especially) is the latest trend.

This reminds of when I did study abroad in Europe in 2001. I noticed all the guys wearing retro, bowling-type shoes. Also, LaCoste polo shirts were everywhere along with some other brands popularized in the '80's. About a year after that, I noticed the LaCoste polo shirts were flying off the shelves in the U.S. despite their hefty $75 price tag. Bowling-style men's and women's shoes became a big hit for fashion trendsetters in the States as well. I still see people wearing them now.

So that poses the question...is Europe a year ahead of us when it comes to fashion styles and trends? If so, look for those military jackets coming to a store near you.

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