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Brand Profile #1 - Gravis footwear & bags

This is the first in a series of brand profiles on creative and up-and-coming companies that are on the verge of breaking through to the big leagues. I am constantly discovering innovative brands that most people don't know about. From now on I will post my findings here.

Gravis Footwear caught my eye on two separate ocassions within the past month. With their simple, good-looking logo and memorable shoe design, both at Marshalls in Orlando and City Sports in Atlanta, I was drawn to look further at the brand.

The company designs shoes, bags and clothes and has a modern website that caters mostly to the urban market although they originally started as a shoe company geared toward the snowboarding apparel market.

Gravis was started in 1998 by Burton Snowboard Company to create comfortable, durable, ingenious products with everyday function and style and is based in Burlington, Vermont.

Their line of sneaks and bags is designed by some top-notch designers with an extremely creative flair. Each product is part of a separate-looking collection designed by a different designer.

They carry everything from iPod holders to computer bags, yoga bags, purses, teacher-style bags, messenger bags, and backpacks to go along with their bevy of casual shoe designs. Surprisingly for a smaller size apparel company they actually have a large selection of everything. Gravis also has some pretty stylish urban apparel designs like tees, hats, beanies, sweatshirts, etc.

Gravis footwear & bags is just the type of company UrbanEola hopes to profile and associate with.

Remember where you saw it first.

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