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Reggie Bush high school highlight reel

Fans of college football know that Reggie Bush is electric on the football field. They also know that he is the 2005 Heisman Trophy-winning running back from University of Southern Cal. He is a generational player the likes of which might not be seen again for awhile. What they don't know is that he's been doing that same stuff since high school.

At Helix High School in the San Diego area, Reggie Bush did some stuff that was just plain nasty. This 8-minute video is being passed around underground circles like a rare Phish concert DAT tape or the hot commodity and1 street tour tapes. USC shows it to entertain recruits. It was also "the Tape" that sold USC coaches on Reggie Bush. After watching it they knew they had to have him.

Reggie Bush is not only the man on the football field, he is well-spoken, solid looking and a good guy. He has style, flair (he writes "619" on his eye black strips in respect to his hometown of San Diego and it has become legendary), personality and after watching this tape, some major on-field talent. He is a marketing dream. Nike and Reebok will pay millions.

"Bush's college highlights have made him a national phenomenon, but his pre-college highlights are the grainy stuff of prep legend," says the New York Times of the highlight film.

The story and video clip are from the New York Times.

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