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"Dancing with the Stars" is without a doubt the best show on TV now. It provides eye candy - great bodies, retro/ stylish dance outfits, a potential workout (if you follow along), solid music, and great overall entertainment. I like it so much that for the first time ever, I actually voted for a reality, vote-ff show. I called in to vote for my favorite dancers Jerry Rice, Drew Lachey and George Hamilton. "Dancing with the Stars" appears on ABC on Thursdays at 8 pm and the results show follows on Friday night.

While I'm in the dancing spirit, I found a pretty funny, but understandably true, article. A new study published in the journal 'Nature' found that the best dancers are considered the most attractive by both men and women when it comes to choosing a mate. The reason: they have the most symmetrical bodies. The study examined filmed footage of 183 men and women dancing to the same song for one minute. 155 men and women then viewed the footage without being able to see the faces of the people in the footage. The results, women overwhelmingly choose symmetrical men and men also chose symmetrical women although in less overwhelming numbers. "As predicted, there was a significant effect of symmetry and sex, and there was a significant interaction between them on dance ability," concluded the study which was led by William Brown of Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, single men may want to take that dance class after all...

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