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Bodeist, Flying Tomatos, and a Bloom

Been watching the winter Olympics? Has Bode Miller (above) been a disappointment? Nike hopes not. They have invested some serious money into his commercials and advertising. Today in class three people in front of me had Nike "Are you a Bodeist?" ads pop up on their instant messenger screens.

His story is much publicized in that he grew up with no electricity in New Hampshire. He has made some pretty bold remarks as well.

This Flying Tomato kid (Shaun White - USA snowboarder) looks like a great bet to become one of the few marketing posterboys of the much less ballyhooed winter games. He's a red haired, 12-year-old looking teenager (19 years) with an easygoing and laid back personality. A few months back he got Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher.

Jeremy Bloom (above) has a pretty solid story. He's a former college football player at the University of Colorado who was ruled ineligible by the NCAA for accepting sponsorship money for his skiing career. It actually was a sham (read that story here). After Torino, he is participating in the NFL combine. For all you ladies: he's also a pretty decent-looking guy who models for Under Armour and Tommy.

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