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Apple celebrates the big 3-0

From Mike Hoffman's Inc.com weblog:

This Associated Press article (Apple Computer set to Mark 30th Birthday) takes a nice look at where Apple is going, and where it's been.

Reporter May Wong writes: "Apple's journey began in 1976 when two college dropouts — [Steve] Jobs, a marketing whiz, and his friend Steve Wozniak, an engineering genius — filed partnership papers on April Fools' Day, their eyes set on building and selling personal computers. Another friend, Ron Wayne, opted out of the risky venture within two weeks.

"Their first product was a build-it-yourself computer kit. A year later, in 1977, the Apple II microcomputer was born. It was not the first personal computer but it was the most successful — a hit not just among engineers, but home users, too. Many credit the Apple II as the genesis of the personal computer revolution."

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