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George freakin' Mason

UE take :: Unbelievable win over UConn. One of the top 3 upsets in NCAA tourney hostory. Support the Patriots on April Fools Day against the Florida Gators. Where do you rank Mason's historic run compared to ESPN Page 2's Top 10 upsets in sports history?

Interesting fact: George Mason University is located in Fairfax, VA and is named after one of the framers of the U.S. Constitution, an idealist who refused to sign the document because he wanted the abolishment of slavery included.

+ Some highlights by ESPN - The Daily Quickie:

GMU is the biggest Cinderella to reach the Final Four in NCAA Tournament history.

Let's lay out the argument:

(1) Seed: They become the worst-seeded team (11) to ever reach the Final Four, matching only 11-seed LSU in '86. But here's a caveat...

(2) Conference: While LSU came from a power conference, GMU comes from the mocked mid-major Colonial Athletic Association, barely the 10th-ranked conference by RPI in the country.

(3) Path: First, GMU beat Michigan State, a 2005 Final Four team widely considered to be one of the toughest 6-seeds ever in the NCAA Tournament.

Then the Patriots beat the defending national champs, UNC, the region's 3-seed...

Then they beat Wichita St., the top-seeded mid-major at No. 7 (and it wasn't even a shocker; GMU beat 'em handily).

And, finally, they beat UConn, the team more people picked than any other to win the title -- and arguably the field's deepest and most talented team.

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