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MySpace is everywhere. Just since yesterday, I've heard mentions of it on Leno, The View, and in Newsweek. Last week, the local coffee house band singer shouted out, "check us out on Myspace." Half of my Commercial Law class are on the site at 9 am on Friday morning. So are 59 million other users. So are Jennifer Annsiton, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Dane Cook. It is the fifth most visited site on the web. It's creating controversy. Colleges are blocking it in dorms and in computer labs. Criminals are using it to commit crimes. People are hooking up with people they would never normally hook up with. Call it what you want but it's definitely creating some buzz.

UE note :: And as I write this post, Yahoo runs a story of 21-year-old kid who lives with his parents that just signed a development deal with MTV after producing an 11-minute spoof of Myspace which has been viewed 6 million times in the last month. Watch the My space spoof video.

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