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There ain't no student in student-athletes

"Don't be mad at us if we don't do a little homework the next couple weeks." -Joakim Noah

"America wants to see us win not work."
-Al Horford

UE take :: Tonights comments by Florida basketball players after their NCAA championship win shines light on the fact that "amateur" college student-athletes are a whole lot closer to being pro athletes than the NCAA makes you think. Do you think these kids will be studying for their ecology test tomorrow? Yet the average Univ. of Florida student staying up into the wee hours of the night partying and celebrating this win will most definitely be responsible for his/her school work (drunk or not).

The key point is that big-time college athletics is professional. Millions of dollars are spent on the sports and very little time is spent in the classroom. UE has no problem with the setup, but the NCAA should then not impose other sanctions on these kids to preserve their "amateur" status.

High school players are amateur athletes. College players don't do homework for a couple weeks after a big win.

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