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The FIFA World Cup is upon us. To put it's importance in perspective for all you American sports fans, more people watch the World Cup than the Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Championships... combined.

2006 World Cup
When: June 9 - July 9, 2006.
Where: Germany
+ Check out the official FIFA World Cup 2006 website.
+ For the first time ever in the U.S., every single game is broadcast live on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2.
+ Brazil, with a loaded arsenal of nasty players is the heavy pre-tournament favorite. Check out this Nike soccer commercial featuring the Brazil squad. These guys are sick.

>>> U.S. games (first round, round robin-style):
Game 1: current #2 in the world Czech Republic (June 12 @
11:55 AM ET on ESPN2)
Game 2: traditional power and 3-time champ Italy (June 17 @
2:30 PM ET on ABC)
Game 3: athletic Ghana squad (June 22 @ 9:55 AM ET on ESPN)

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