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People go to coffee shops like Starbucks just as much for the atmosphere as they do for the actual coffee. These places usually have urban, lounge-style settings that attract every type of crowd. One software company out in Seattle (Delicious Monster) actually works out of a local coffee shop. That's definitely the best office space I've ever heard of.

From a Wired article:

"its four main employees meet every day at the popular Zoka coffee shop in Seattle's university district.

"It's cheap rent and a fun environment," said Matas. "We go down there every day with our laptops and work. It's an incredible place. They have two or three of the top baristas in the country (the awards are on the wall). We pay our rent by buying coffee.... They love us. We're some of their best customers."

As well as creamy lattes, the coffee shop offers wireless internet access and big, bench-like tables that several people can gather around. Often, Delicious Monster's entire seven-person staff will work there.

"When we started, there was just two of us working in an office we set up in Wil's house," Matas said. "It lasted a week. When there's just two of you, you can't stay in one room all day."

The coffee house is full of students and several other programmers, most of whom are contractors. Its collegiate atmosphere provides inspiration, not distraction. "It's like a big library," Matas said. "We don’t people-watch. We work. We work eight hours a day."

"Zoka is pretty much their office," said Reid Hickman, a Zoka barista. "It's a pretty good deal. They hang out here all day and they often get lunch and dinner here. They take good care of us."

Matas and Shipley launched the company last year. Living on savings and fueled by coffee, they banged out the software in seven months."

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