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The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch just ran a segment titled "It's a Guy Thing" which listed a bunch of outrageous, albeit expensive, adventures available for dudes seeking an adrenaline rush.

One was a James Bond-style training school which teaches you and allows you to be a trainee in a covert ops school. You get to rescue hostages and participate in car chases. All for the small price of $3800/3 days.

Another adventure was 30 seconds of weightlessness aboard a Boeing 727. The flights are based out of Ft. Lauderdale or the Kennedy Space Center and were featured on The Apprentice. This adrenaline rush will run you $3750+tax/flight.

This just shows that guys are willing to fork over a bunch of money for experiences or adventures that they feel will provide some zest to their life. I got a relatively free, healthy adventure for you guys: run a marathon. Or at least a half-marathon. Other suggestions that are less expensive than the ones mentioned on the show (based on adventures I would eventually like to make):
1. Buy a cheap van, RV and road trip across the US. Stop at big cities and small towns along the way.
2. Write a book on your experiences and thoughts on life (or the trip above).
3. Start an organization based on a passion of yours. Get heavily involved in it.
4. Film a documentary of an interesting aspect of your life or another's that not many people know about. Believe it or not, there's all kinds of interesting/ unique things going on in people's lives. Get a cheap camera and film away.

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