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I can't get enough info, articles, or websites on young people being entrepreneurial and starting businesses of their own. The problem is that they're hard to find. A couple blogs about the process of starting a company written by young entrepreneurs that I've been reading recently:

- Cafe Evoke - a coffee shop
- The Moxie - an independent movie house
- Sports Lizard - sports collectibles site

SportsLizard led me to an awesome site called Trizoko, a badass business journal whose mantra is: "helping your business change the freakin' world". The site is definitely worth a look. Read a very interesting entry "How to Earn $1 Million in 30 Days", which chronicles a 27-year-old's unlikely entrepreneurial project - to make $1 million with one month, using only a cell phone, a digital camera, and a $100 bill, to get a flavor of the Trizoko. (A million bucks in a month - Business Week)

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