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In my eyes, Hollywood is usually a bunch of cheesy, average talent, young people who try to stay in the spotlight while usually forgetting their roots and generally not "keeping it real". However, I spot out some exceptions every once in a while.

Nick Lachey seems like one of those exceptions. He dresses like most normal young guys with the flip flops, baseball hats and t-shirts, yet styles it up when he has to. On Newlyweds he seemed like a good guy who liked to do his own work around the house. He's passionate about college athletics (Cincy basketball, Miami of Ohio and USC football). He attended a high school for performing arts in Cincy and actually worked on developing his talent. And his brother, Drew was down-to-earth and another all-around class act on Dancing with the Stars.

Nick's now supposedly linked with Vanessa Minnillo. These are the first pics I've seen of them holding hands and looking like a pair. To this I say good for him because Minnillo's a babe and Jessica's dad is a tool shed.

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