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The Hoff phenomenon

For years now loyal Urban Eola reader, RW has been running his mouth about the German infatuation with David "the Hoff" Hasselhoff while trying to get me to jump on the Hoff bandwagon. He always told me stories about how Hoff's song "Looking for Freedom" was played when the Berlin Wall was taken down and as a result it's become Germany's unofficial national anthem. And how Dirk Nowitzki hymns that same song to concentrate when at the foul line during games. And how Hoff blames his lackluster U.S. musical following on the O.J. Simpson car chase (his big pay-per-view concert was on the same night and Hoff honestly believes that his career in the U.S. would have taken off if not for O.J.).

It wasn't until after I watched his new video "Jump in my car that I realized exactly what the Germans see (the last scene is legendary). This guy is potentially one of the least talented, biggest cheeseball entertainers of the of the last 150 years. And he knows it. Yet that's what makes him larger than life in Germany. He has capitalized on the fact that Germans are apparently looking for an American icon to fall in love with. Do they think all Americans are like Hoff?

Check out these sites: The Hoff shrine - agodamongmen.com, hasselhoff.info, dropitlikeitshoff.com - they're hilarious.

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