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All guys should take note of this site for two reasons. 1) you can find cool stuff for your girl here for any ocassion, and 2) you can recommend it to your girl so she can have something to do on the internet while you're out "playing basketball with the guys" for the fourth straight night. Even though I've talked about this site before, it now has a female companion site to please those underserved women (note: women are only underserved on the internet and in a couple rare exceptions, the bedroom).

Urban Eola take :: These two sites kind of remind me of that clothing store idea where chicks shop for their stuff in a store while there's a section for their guys with entertaining stuff like magazines, video games, a mini golf putting green, landing strips, etc. Also, these are two of the cleanest looking sites around, with highly artistic display of products. Men's version >> Uncrate. Women's version >> Outblush.

Women: check out these links for a demo of the good stuff they post (Los Tankini & Hipster, Paul Smith Crescent Hobo, Wedding Day Survival Kit, Juicy Couture Three tier dress, Take out menu organizer, Retro print headbands)

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