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Man has run 100,000 miles since 1980

This is a pretty amazing human feat. A 62-year-old guy from Atlanta has run 100,000 miles since 1980. Some amazing numbers from his streak:

- 100,000 is the equivalent of circling the globe 4x
- Longest streak without running in 26 years is 6 days
- His average run over 26 years is 10.3 miles (that's absolutely amazing!)

From 100,000 mile obsession - Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Jim Short of Atlanta never actually circled the globe, but the 62-year-old retiree has run the equivalent of it four times — 100,000 miles — since Jan. 30, 1980, when he began recording every mile in a journal he's maintained as meticulously as the accounting major he once was.

Since 1980, the longest Short has gone without running was six days in 1996 because of a heel injury.

Short, a California native who moved to Atlanta in 1973, is believed to be the second Georgian to have documented 100,000 running miles.

The first was Scott Ludwig, a Peachtree City marathoner whose streak of running each day since Nov. 30, 1978, is the 37th-longest in the country, according to the U.S. Running Streak Association.

The USRSA also keeps track of runners who have eclipsed 100,000 during their streaks, and Ludwig became the 11th nationwide on Nov. 24, 2005, during the Atlanta Marathon.

"It's very unusual because you've got to be fairly healthy, and you've got to stick with it for a very long time," Ludwig said.

Along with the volume of miles, Short's accomplishment stands out for its average miles per day. At a gentler rate of three miles, it would've taken him 91 years to hit 100,000. Instead, Short has averaged 10.3 miles."

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At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you do it so fast? You averaged over 13 miles a day in 2005. Amazing!


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