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Sports + entertainment = ESPY's

I love watching the cross-section of sports and entertainment. They usually meet somewhere in the middle, but recently the merger has been leaning more towards the entertainment side. Like they always say, athletes want to be entertainers and entertainers want to be athletes. They each have what the other one doesn't. Athletes are usually fit and physically gifted and admired. Entertainers are stylish and smooth in front of the camera.

ESPN's ESPY awards, which started in 1993 with Jimmy V's awesome speech, is essentially the Academy Awards of sports. Lance Armstrong is hosting this year's version on ESPN this Sunday at 9 PM ET. Check out the official ESPY site. Following are some pictures via People Magazine of the events leading up to the ESPY's. Need I plug the event anymore?

The ESPY's also give you two good reasons to donate money to cancer research: Jimmy V and Lance Armstrong. Through their respective foundations you'll have even more incentive to donate by either getting a copy of one of the most inspirational speeches of all time or 10 Livestrong bracelets.

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