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Do you know what LOHAS is?

It wasn't until I read the Fast Compnay magazine weblog that I learned what LOHAS is. Defined by Wikipedia: LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. It is a $227 billion market segment in the United States alone but worldwide in its extent. LOHAS consumers are those who are passionate about the environment, sustainbility, social issues, and health.

An interesting piece from the blog:
Meanwhile, a recent NewsWeek article talks about the emergence of LOHAS, consumers following a lifestyle of health and sustainability. The associated brands range from Toyota’s forward-thinking Prius, a hybrid car combining a gas engine and an emissions-free electric motor to achieve amazing fuel economy, and Verdant, a green-focused magazine published by Cottages & Gardens, to Wal-Mart, who overnight became the largest purchaser of organic cotton for clothing and Grist.org, an environmental news and commentary site founded by Chip Giller in 1999.
Are you a LOHAS consumer?

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