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Running for a cure for Ellie Tavani

I am running the Chicago Marathon on October 22, 2006. Originally, I signed up for the marathon to challenge myself. However, my run takes on much more importance as I am running for my niece, Ellie to help raise awareness and money to fund research for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

This cause is especially meaningful to our family and friends that know Ellie. As many of you know, my brother, Andrew and his wife, Shawn had a daughter April 28th who was born with EB. EB is a rare skin disease in which painful blisters form due to minor friction or even no friction at all. Any runner knows that a blister on your foot can be extremely painful. Well, these blisters can form anywhere and everywhere on Ellie's little body. The disease is so rare that there is no cure. It does not go away or get better with age. Even though Andrew and Shawn have become great at treating the wounds through daily bandaging, blisters form anyway

Check out our fundraising page -- www.do26.com


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