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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (28-24)

Due to recent complaints from female Urban Eola readers (namely CC) that beautiful women are too frequently blogged about on this site, this list of best looking athletes has a little something for the ladies. It's about 50/50 male to female.

On it are 28 athletes for every taste -- young, older, white, black, asian, short, tall, domestic, and international. Without any further adieu let's get to it.

28) Sebastian Telfair -- (basketball, Boston Celtics) This NYC product has one of the best smiles around. His ESPN documentary Through the Fire was an Urban Eola favorite. He also signed a long-term adidas endorsement before he even turned pro.
27) Courtney and Ashley Kupets -- (gymnasts, Univ. of Georgia) These sisters are two years apart and top-notch gymnasts. Courtney won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics.26) Dwyane Wade -- (basketball, Miami Heat) He dresses with the best of them and his sick game makes him even more attractive to the ladies.25) Sasha Cohen -- (gymnast, USA)She's short, but cuter and better than most other gymnasts, winning the U.S. Championships and an Olympic silver medal.24) Andre Agassi -- (tennis, USA) A longtime Urban Eola favorite athlete, he has made the bald-headed look fashionable. He's made the biggest improvements of any athlete since the early 90's (below). His kids have the best tennis genes ever as he's married to female champ, Steffi Graf.

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At 11:37 AM, Blogger Bert Tavani said...

Where are the other 23. babbo

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Bert Tavani said...

Where are the other 23? babbo


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