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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (18-13)

18) Chris Evert -- (tennis *retired, USA) This is an old school pick mainly because she was a major hottie back in the day on the tennis court. She now has 3 kids and is pushing 52 years old, but her glory days carry her to the #18 spot. She once had relationships with Jimmy Connors, Jack Ford (Gerald's son) and Burt Reynolds. She is pictured below in her prime and today with Maria Sharapova. > Bio17) Ronde & Tiki Barber (football, Tampa Bay Bucaneers & New York Giants respectively) These identical twin brothers are great guys, very good football players, smart men (they both graduated from Univ. of Virginia) and first class dressers. They obviously have the same tastes in women as they both, coincidentally, are married to Asian women. They're also co-authors of a children's book. > Bios Tiki Ronde15) Jenny Finch (softball, USA) At first look, you're probably wondering how she dropped down to #15. Although many lists would have her rated higher, I think she's a little overrated (although she is stunning from afar). Plus, she's 6'1" and I'm not into girls that could post me up. She's married to Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Casey Daigle. > Bio14) Andy Roddick (tennis, USA) I really like this guy. He's a good guy and dresses in an Urban Eola style. He dated Mandy Moore for a couple years and supposedly dated Maria Sharapova (pictured together below). > Bio 13) Serena Williams (tennis, USA) The fact that she dated a short Jewish guy (director Brett Ratner of X-Men and Rush Hour fame) makes me think I could have had a shot. She is into the Hollywood thing more than tennis nowadays, but for some reason she does it for Urban Eola and comes in at #13. > Bio

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