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Urban Eola's 28 best looking athletes (12-8)

12) Lance Armstrong -- (cycling *retired, USA) One of the most inspirational athletes of all-time. The cancer survivor and 7-time Tour de France winner was once engaged to Sheryl Crow. He's been hanging out alot recently with Matthew McConaughey. They're not going to pick up any women.11) Summer Sanders -- (swimming *retired, USA) The former Stanford University and 1992 Olympic gold medalist swimmer has been hosting NBA Inside Stuff for 9 years. I've been watching it for all those years.
10) Fabio Cannavaro -- (soccer, Real Madrid & Italy) The captain of Italy's 2006 World Cup championship team is a stud both on and off the field. About 10 other Italian players could have made this list, but as captain, Cannavaro will have to represent the rest of the Azzurri.9) Amanda Beard -- (swimming, USA) She's a three-time Olympian and a gold medalist. Dated NASCAR driver Carl Edwards. Likes to pose in her swimsuit. 8) Tom Brady -- (quarterback, New England Patriots) Donald Trump said he wanted his daughter, Ivanka, to date him. He's reportedly engaged to actress Bridget Moynahan. The classic All-American football player. Who's living the better life: Brady or Leinart?

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At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Brady? This puzzles me. I know he is popular, successful and someone dresses him well. But really? Look at his facial features and his hair compared to someone like Jake Plummer. Brady has a bull dog face and a little boy haircut. There is no way anyone would think someone like that is good looking if he didn't QB the Patriots. Although Plummer is no where near as successful and has been benched, he is by far the best looking QB in the NFL.

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about Brady. High forehead, bushy eyebrows, ugly nose, uneven features all around. If he is #8 on the list that doesn't say much for those listed lower. He's on the list because of his former girlfriend, popularity, success and clothes.


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