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Coca-Cola v. Starbucks?

"Coca-Cola, already locked in a decades-long clash with PepsiCo Inc. for supremacy in the cold beverage business, may be about to pick a fight with the nation's No. 1 hot beverage powerhouse: Starbucks."

Coke is leasing a 4,000 sq. foot retail space in Toronto with the plans of building their first "Far Coast" coffee store in a potential run at Starbucks' coffee shop supremacy. Coke, the world's biggest drink company, which derives most of its revenue from carbonated beverages, has been experiencing sluggish sales in developed markets, as consumers shift from sugary sodas to healthier low- or no-calorie drinks such as flavored waters, coffee, and tea.

Urban Eola take :: If you look at the beverage market, there's no one hotter than Starbucks and there's no one bigger than Coke. This seems to be one of those Microsoft situations - where a pioneering company (Starbucks) develops a red-hot product or idea and the mega giant (Coca-Cola) catches on to the trend and tries to outduel the original. Should get interesting.

> Is Coke gearing up for a Starbucks showdown?
> Coca-Cola may take on Starbucks
> Coke's official site with images of all their brands

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