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A good weekend to get out of town

Who would've thought an earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico would halt the Urban Eola blog for 3 days. As a positive, it shows what it takes to slow down this blog. Yes, that's my apartment building in the article. So for now, I'm blogging from the 11th floor of the Downtown Marriott (directly across the street from the TD Waterhouse Centre).

AskMen has a solid list of top 10 budget destinations -- from major metropolitan areas to the middle of nowhere that'll leave you with some cash left over for your next trip. All of these spots are sounding better by the minute. Top 10 Budget Destinations.

10) Austin, TX
9) Las Vegas, NV
8) Baltimore, MD
7) California wine country
6) Charlotte, NC
5) Cleveland, OH
4) Denver, CO
3) Memphis, TN
2) Portland, OR
1) Wisconsin Dells, WI

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