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A great night for pop culture and DVR's

Tonight was a great night to observe what most of the pop culture world's doing at the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. Every year at the VMAs the celebs try to be different and stand out. Show business is a doggy dog world and if you're not making noise then you'll be quickly forgotten. That's what makes watching them so interesting. It's like riding the subway in New York -- always entertaining to watch.

Also, Andre Agassi is playing his second round match at his last ever pro tournament in the US Open (also in New York). He's a G.O.A.T. (one of the Greatest Of All Time) and deserves major respect from the Urban Eola crowd. Luckily, DVR's are around because they're both too good not to watch.

As a result of the amazing capabilities of the web, the VMA's did something they've never done before to capitalize on their young, internet savvy viewers -- they simultaneously broadcasted the behind-the-scenes, uncut backstage version of the show on their website (MTV Overdrive to Broadcast Live Behind the Scenes Feed of the 2006 MTV Music Awards). This glimpse of the show from the other side actually made for some interesting TV. Check it out at vma.mtv.com.

> Here's a good site with all the photos -- Yahoo VMAs Coverage.
> And follow the 2006 US Open.

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