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Nike goes for the green

Great find by my dad from our environmental site Green Tavani:

After 14 years, Nike figured out how to get greenhouse gas out of its sneakers. Nike's air pockets contained not just air, but SF6 - a super potent greenhouse gas called sulfur hexafluride. It developed a new technology which uses nitrogen instead of SF6. It not only solves the environmental problem because nitrogen breaks up easily and is not harmful, but it paid off commercially. It allowed Nike to create the Air Max 360, the first sneaker to cushion the entire sole with a bed of air.

There are no regulations forcing companies to reduce greenhouse gases. What's great about what Nike has accomplished is that it voluntarily took the initiative. Now every Nike product is entirely free of SF6 and it has seen huge cost savings. And now it gets great raves for the Air Max 360 from runners and greens alike.

Nike is taking steps to make the Earth a little bit better off -- let's follow their lead.

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