Urban Eola

Urban Eola's 9 steps to a better environment

1) If you haven't seen Inconvenient Truth, see it.
2) Calculate your contribution to global warming.
3) Learn simple ways (opens pdf file) to take action at home, on the move, and how to bring about change locally, nationally, and internationally.
4) Watch Leonardo Dicaprio's awesome and powerful Global Warming and Water Planet videos.
5) Challenge yourself to the Carb Cutter Challenge.
6) Check to see if your city is pushing for smart energy solutions at Cool Cities.
7) Sign up to learn The "Inconvenient Truth" Presentation from Al Gore this Fall/Winter.
8) Check out MTV's 10 ways to save the planet (easy for even the MTV crowd).
9) Subscribe to (via RSS feed) and give a look at my dad and I's new environmental blog, Green Tavani.

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