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Why isn't there an Oprah for guys?

Oprah and 8 of her frequent guests have been promoting her new radio channel, Oprah & Friends which went on air Tuesday on XM Satellite Radio. Each of Oprah's Friends has their own show and are specialists ranging from a financial expert, a psychologist, an interior decorator, a lifestyle expert, a spirituality expert, a get in shape guy, a doctor and the legendary poet Maya Angelou.

Essentially her friends cover all the main issues for women seeking advice, tips and thoughts in these different areas of life.

The launch of the new channel reiterated in my head (because I've thought this many times before) that there needs to be an Oprah-style TV show for men. It would be a guaranteed hit. There is nothing out there that combines all the key "ingredients". There are sports shows, investing shows, business shows, medical shows, fitness shows, variety shows, pop culture shows, gadget shows, dating shows, comedy shows and arts shows -- but none combining all of the above.

Someone want to go in on it?

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