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Yahoo upping the ante on YouTube and Google

TechCrunch is reporting that Yahoo! has teamed up with Al Gore-backed Current TV to provide a video site (Yahoo Current) with a mix of professional and user submitted videos arranged in channels. The site is supposed to have better video content than the others (YouTube, Google Video, etc.) and also some of the best user submissions to Yahoo! may make it onto the terrestrial Current TV channel. That's a great concept and alliance in our opinion.

Meanwhile, YouTube is making noise of their own by announcing deals with Good Morning America and Warner. The deal calls for a YouTube technology that will automatically detect when copyrighted music is used in videos, give Warner the right to accept or reject those videos and then calculate the royalty fees Warner is owed.

Are these deals making viral video sites not so viral? This whole viral video thing is so interesting because it is so new. This new medium is changing by the minute. YouTube has held off thus far on advertising, but at some point you knew it was coming. This whole legal dilemma of copyrighted content has been the main barrier to YouTube’s possible acquisition and has most likely cost the company millions in possible advertising revenues.

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