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Diddy on MySpace and YouTube

I've always been a big fan of Diddy. He's a master at making stuff happen and getting stuff done - from getting young people to vote to being a successful entrepreneur to running a fresh clothing line to making and producing tons of popular music to starring on Broadway. He was plugging his MySpace page on Letterman on Friday and after checking it out, it is one of the better pages I've seen. I've never been a big MySpace guy, but for the purposes he's using it, (to promote his album and to get people to see what he's doing on a daily basis) it's very effective. He's got everything you need to stay connected with him on there and it is a great example of parlaying the gigantic network of MySpace into a form of powerful web marketing. His documentary-style videos on YouTube and MySpace are very entertaining, giving you a backstage look on his life.

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