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International soccer explained in slides

I saw this on Slideshare's official blog and it is too funny not to share. It's in Spanish, but if you know anything about international soccer you will find humor in it. The slides speak for themselves.

English translations:
1/8 English Plan: Depending on the wind, the position of the attacker might vary….
2/8 German Plan: Radical, efficient, unstoppable… (the ball’s speed could reach 297 km/h)
3/8 Italian Plan: Iron defense, minimal ideas in the middle of the field, passing to the striker and… penalty kick
4/8 Brazilian Plan: No comments
5/8 Australian Plan: They work to lose the game by themselves, no help needed
6/8 French Plan: In their plan they try out all the possible hypothesis, sh%t! They forgot the goal!
7/8 Mexican Plan: Note: The red dot is not the ball, it is the referee.
8/8 Colombian Plan: Remain at home and watch the others in the World Cup on TV!

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