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Is the movie theatre dead?

Is the tradition of going to the movies over? Is the movie theatre experience unique enough to survive? Are there too many entertainment options available? With bigger and better TV's getting cheaper and cheaper would people rather watch a movie on their flat screens at home? Will "dinner and a movie" consist of going back to one's pad and watching a movie on the flat panel after dinner? People are sick of paying $10 for a garbage movie when they can watch whatever they want in the confines of their own home. The numbers of high-end movie theatre installations are growing like crazy.

Sumner Redstone and Mark Cuban were both on TV this past week talking about how the movie theatre business is struggling. Cuban has a novel idea with his production company 2929 Entertainment. He has been releasing movies in theatres and on DVD the same day, which is called simultaneous release. Previously this was considered taboo in the film business.

The overly corporate, non-creative and big money business of how movies get made now has but a big kabash on quality content. How many good movies come out a year? Not many. The best scripts don't get made nowadays because the finances don't allow for it. Unless it has mainstream appeal it won't even be read. Unfortunately, quality content is at the bottom of the list.

And we all know... content is king.

Urban Eola readers, what are your thoughts on this?

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