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Nike orange label

If you see this tag on the inside of a shirt...

or this tag is hanging from the shirt...

...buy it!

Doesn't matter the size, color or style. Because any hard-core Nike retro fanatic (I should be president) knows that the "orange label" means it's a limited issue remake of an old shirt, usually from Nike's earliest days in the early 1970's.

I've actually acquired 5 of these shirts in the last month. The tag price on these shirts is usually between $60-$70. That's right $60-$70 for a cotton t-shirt. Granted the cotton is organic, which means the cotton was grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers (says it on the tag), but still that's crazy to pay for a t-shirt, even a bad-ass, retro Nike shirt. However, I paid $11.99 or less for each of these shirts. The trick? Be patient and pounce on them when they randomly show up at reduced retailers like Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Ross. You have to be patient though because they show up only like once every two or three times I'm there.

I snagged two with this on the front:

...and "PRE" ironed on the back of the shirt. How bad ass is that? If you don't know who Pre is, you don't know anything about sports. But for now, read his bio.

But the best part of the orange label shirts are the descriptions printed on the inside label. The description for this shirt reads:

Hastily printed up for the 1972 Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon by eager Nike employees, this first-ever piece of Nike apparel featured the freshly minted logo overlapping the new brand name. It had everyone asking, "Who's Mike". But it did have one thing going for it. It was worn by a guy named "Pre".

I also snagged two like this:

With this for a description:

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