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Another Forrest Gump? Dean Karnazes runs home -- from NY to SF

Remember Dean Karnazes?

Well, this past Sunday he finished his incredible journey of 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. The most amazing part is that his last marathon, the NYC Marathon was his fastest of the 50 at 3 hours, 30 seconds. Can you imagine pushing it on the last of 50 straight marathons? He only ran NYC 30 seconds slower than the ultra-fit Lance Armstrong. That feat is absolutely incredible.

What to do as an encore? Well for starters he ran 28 miles the day after the 50 marathons ended. Not as part of the challenge. Just because he said he loves running. Now, he's running home from New York City. No, he doesn't live in New Jersey. He lives in San Francisco. Are you F@#king kidding? This guy just likes to constantly challenge himself and push the limits, physically and in life. Another amazing stat -- Dean Karnazes is 42 years old. Much respect, Dean. Track his cross country run and his official site. Also, a great interview about how he started this whole running thing.

Check out some of the stuff he's done. He has run 350 continuous miles, foregoing sleep for three nights. On seven different occasions, he’s run a 200-mile relay race solo, racing alongside teams of twelve. He’s run across Death Valley in 126 degree temperatures, and he’s run a marathon to the South Pole in negative 40 degrees and mountain-biked for 24-hours straight.

Listen to how he eats on the run: "So, on these longs runs I resort to highly refined foods and calorie dense items, like pizza and pie. During one 200-mile run we kept a food log, and I consumed 28,000 calories in 46 hours and 17 minutes of running. And I still lost five pounds!"

This is how he views running (from his blog): Of course, I already miss my family deeply. Funny as it sounds, running has become my life. It'’s how I put food on the table, so I look at this journey across the country no differently than a businessman who travels for extended periods, or a serviceman who is stationed overseas. If I weren'’t running, I'’d be sitting behind a desk and probably not very happy.

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