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Internet Explorer sucks

For some reason Urban Eola is showing up funky on Internet Explorer. All the more reason to switch to Firefox, if you haven't already. Quit clicking on the blue E and start clicking on the logo above. Download Firefox - it's free. Read about why to Switch 2 Firefox. Read the Wikipedia description and Kill Bill's Browser has a pretty funny list of why to switch.

Top 10 reasons to switch to Mozilla Firefox (from switch2firefox.com)

1) Tabbed browsing - makes surfing the web faster
2) Pop up blocking
3) Find stuff easier
4) Simplified privacy/ annoyance eliminator
5) Better bookmarks and history
6) Accessible, intelligent, responsive
7) Customizable and extendable
8) Modern download manager
9) Built for standards
10) KISS (Keep it simple and straight forward)

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At 5:17 PM, Anonymous tc said...

Nice call. Internet Explorer is the worst. FireFox Rules!


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