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Old media meets new media - Amanda Across America

Amanda Congdon, formerly of the highly popular video blog Rocketboom has resurfaced after her departure from the New York-based internet show. Her new show is Amanda Across America, which is a video blog-style show where she travels across the U.S. interviewing people about the merger of old media, new media, and the environment. It's a very well done show and relatively entertaining considering the budget is a blip compared to that of a mainstream TV show. The beauty of vlogs (video blogs) is that they have a potential audience of approximately 6 billion people. And no need for TiVo - the internet is on 24/7, baby. The potential is crazy. Read a great article in Business 2.0 on the subject. Check out some of the better shows that I watched: mainstream actor turned videologger, Dan McVicar and famous blogger, VC and original Apple employee, Guy Kawasaki.

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