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Remember when wishes came true?

Tis the season for commercials. You can see how important it is for companies to move their products this holiday season in their highly creative and entertaining commercials. I've posted 3 in the last 3 days.

Check out this hilarious BMW commercial. I saw it on MSNBC this morning? The video is another great example of the power of viral videos and YouTube on popular culture.

It's actually a real video clip of 6-year old Rachel and her 9-year old brother Brandon on Christmas morning in 1998. As dad records and the kids tear open their presents, the kids realize their dreams have come true, they got a Nintendo 64! ... YES!... YES!!... YES!!!"

Jump ahead to March 2006 - 16 year old Brandon shares the home video with his girlfriend who sees it for the first time and explodes with laughter. Brandon then took her suggestion and posted the one minute video online. The clip quickly became an internet sensation with remixes, spoofs, animations and even online tributes to the N64 kids.

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