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Tweakin' the Urban Eola experience

In an effort to make Urban Eola a top destination for cool people on the web, we have added "Quick Reads", a sidebar category to the right. The articles linked to in the "Quick Reads" will be different from the main blog posts to the left of the page. Think of the two as complementing eachother. It will be filled with the freshest and latest news stories that relate to the our themes of: trends | pop culture | sport | urban life | art | fashion | web 2.0 | humor | culture | the environment | lifestyle | and creative business. Hope you enjoy!

Any suggestions or alternatives to the name "Quick Reads"? Or any other categories you'd like to see on the sidebar? Email your recommendations.

Update 11.20.06 -- The original name "The Latest" did not totally capture what this category is all about. I felt that it implied the latest blogs from UE, so I changed it to "Quick Reads".

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