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Yo Adrian! Rocky Balboa's back!

November 16, 1990 - the last time a Rocky movie (Rocky V) hit the theatres.

The 16-year wait is now over.

Rocky Balboa
, the 6th installment in the legendary Rocky series of underdog boxing movies hits theatres December 22nd. It's interesting to note that more time has elapsed between the fifth and sixth installment of the "Rocky" films than between the original film and Rocky V.

Interesting facts from Rocky Balboa:

- Though Talia Shire's character Adrian dies at the beginning of the film, Shire will still be reprising her role in flashbacks of the film.
- Burt Young, Paulie in the series, as well as the composer Bill Conti, who has composed the music for every Rocky movie except Rocky IV, are both returning.
- Tony Duke, Appollo Creed's trainer, will return as Rocky's trainer.
- Pro boxer Antonio Tarver will play the role of the champion, Mason 'The Line' Dixon, Rocky's ring opponent.
- Estimated budget for this film is $24 million.

News of this movie coming out has forced me to find all kinds of stuff on our favorite southpaw from Philly. Check it.

>> View the "Rocky Balboa" trailer: Windows Media Player or Quick Time
>> Rocky Balboa official movie site
>> Classic Rocky t-shirts (I want to order at least fifteen of them)
>> Awesome Rocky soundboard with every memorable Rocky line ever
>> Official blog
>> Wikipedia: Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa

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