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100 voices in 10 minutes

This video of 50 voices in 5 minutes (lots of cartoon characters, but around 0:55 it gets good) was very impressive and it led me to this video of 100 voices (actually 107) in 10 minutes, which I liked even more because I knew more of the characters. The first 29 below are hilarious.

1. Robert De Niro, 2. Christopher Walken, 3. Jack Nicholson , 4. Gary Busey, 5. Kirk Douglas, 6. Sean Connery, 7. William Shatner, 8. Gollum/Smeagol, 9. Robin Williams, 10. Don LaFontaine, 11. Al Pacino, 12. Joey Lawerence, 13. Dezi Arnez, 14. Lucy, 15. Matt Foley, 16. Johnny Carson, 17. Ray Romano, 18. Bill Cosby, 19. Kasey Kasem, 20. Shaggy, 21. Scooby, 22. John Travolta, 23. Regis Philbin, 24. John Wayne, 25. Marlon Brando, 26. Yoda, 27. Arnold Schwarzenneger, 28. Skeletor, 29. Sylvestor Stallone

As good as these are are, Frank Caliendo (John Madden and W) is the best I've seen.

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At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Bloggtimer said...

Caliendo is legendary but that 100 voices guy is impressive. Caliendo doing W at the Press Secretary's dinner is the funniest ever.

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous CharlesRoMo said...

I agree the first 29 are pretty hilarious. Keep finding stuff like this.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Michael Tavani said...

Thanks for the words, Charlesromo. I'll do my part. UE is only getting better.


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