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Any press is good press...I guess

I do Google Alerts for different search terms, including one for "Urban Eola". This is what came back today in response to my recent post PayPerPost stirring controversy, filming web TV reality show by a 33-year-old guy from NC who wrote this on his blog.

From My camera sucks:
PayPerPost is the coolest (blatant suckup) no matter what the wannabe’sScoble, Calcanis, Arrington, (and the latest) Tavani say about you.
From The Haters never stop:
a guy named Michael Tavani at Urbaneola being a “Super Blogger” like apparently this guy (thinks he) is, or , a blog that I haven’t figured out quite what it is yet. This guy though instead of coming up with any valid arguments against PayPerPost decides (along with his commentors) to just get personal on The CEO of PayPerPost, Ted Murphy ..... they’ve given me to make some money withoughScoble, or Calcanis. I’m just a security officer who loves to blog. Michael Tavani needs to back off and mind his own business. and don’t get me started on his commentors.
UE take // Pretty funny and thanks for the compliment. The compliment actually being that he listed me in the same breath as three major players in the blog world (read those guys bios on Wikipedia).


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At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Loyal UE reader said...

Who is this guy who is calling Tavani a hater? I think that guy needs to get a life and stop eating so many doughnuts (and learn how to use commas and periods correctly while he's at it).

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Randy from Chi. said...

For real PayPerPost is a cool site, but you were right about that guy being flamboyant.


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