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Celebrating 1 year of Urban Eola love [12.15.05 - 12.15.06]

...ringing in the new year with a new design/template.

On December 15, 2005 I wrote my first post on the humble and newly-created website, urbaneola.com. That marked the official start, but the idea of starting something creative and original has been in my head since I was a little kid. I've loved the power of the internet since I discovered it my freshman year of college ('98). In all of my searches, I've always sought to find the baddest website out there. The one with all the freshest stuff that I'm interested in. But I couldn't find it. Enter Urban Eola. This site has all the latest and greatest that people like you and I like -- in one place.

Here's a brief recap of the past year.

// Stats
- posts: 416 (1.139767094158 posts/day)
- templates: 5
- logos: 10
- total site visitors: approximately 19,710

// A look back: check out this compilation of old school Urban Eola templates and logos. As you can see, many of these logos were left on the cutting room floor.

// Goals for the future
- increase the #'s of feed subscribers
- attract talented, creative writers to cover original content
- 1,000 visitors/day by this time next year
- secure a sponsor with the same artistic vision as UE
- develop a first-class site for for urban people seeking 'intellectual entertainment'
- Become a known source among young, creative urbanites

I plan on making this Urban Eola thing even bigger and better. It's my hobby and my passion. But I can't do it alone. I need some help to reach the goals above -- idea tipsters, writers, researchers, etc. Anyone interested in creating this urbanite utopia? Any suggestions? Let me hear from you. Also, a special thank you to all the loyal readers for making this worthwhile. I know who you are (Stat Counter tells me).

Editor's note // In launching this new template, there might be some functions that are down or not linked correctly. The kinks will be fixed shortly. As with everything, this new template works best with Firefox.

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