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Choosing the perfect domain name

I spend at least an hour a week looking for cool, short, catchy, and meaningful domain names on GoDaddy. I have a pad with about 200 ideas of available names that I have thought of. As you can see, pretty much every good domain name is taken. It forces you to be creative -- and that's what I like about it. After going on a domain name spree, I even got cut off by the better half for buying too many domain names. So what did I do? I bought another domain name -- and put her on it. I told her it's like an investment in real estate and has the potential to be a good investment -- even though I haven't even had one bid on any of my domain names up for auction at the Domain Name Aftermarket.

From what I have seen, there's no Domain Name Anonymous groups around, so I'll have to resort to keep doing what I do - searching for domain names. Check out this good read -- Choosing the perfect domain name.

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