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Make an elf of yourself

Now's your chance to make a total elf of yourself at Office Max's pretty hilarious site Elf Yourself. The site lets you paste your head onto a dancing Elf's body. Here's a demo. Just like Will Ferrell.

By the way, this is an example of great viral marketing. Think how many people are passing this around this holiday season.

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At 10:59 AM, Anonymous tc said...

Sorry this comment has nothing to do with this post but I just saw a bloglines entry about your webroll and had a few more good sites that you may want to add.
- http://www.instructables.com/
- http://www.wikimapia.org
- http://del.icio.us/popular/

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Randy from Chi. said...

That site's hilarious. You are right. Great, great viral marketing for Office Max.


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